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Those Things Called Fads

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve spent most of my life being purposefully anti-fad. I never had a Furby or a Cabbage Patch doll. I never wore skinny jeans or bell-bottoms. And I didn’t wear make-up until I was a junior in college. I have never read nor watched Harry Potter, Twilight, or The Hunger Games.

All this made me think of fads that I did/am participating in. I have lost count of my Beanie Babies. My grandmother always got us a few for Christmas. I keep my Princess Di bear in a plastic case.

Then there’s Captain America. All the Avengers, but especially Captain America. I am anxiously waiting for Civil War to come out on dvd (because I don’t go to theaters) before I find out all the spoilers (which unfortunately was not the case with The Force Awakens). I am also looking forward to the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast. According to Oh My Disney quizzes, if I were a princess, I’d be Belle.

Coloring is the new fad on the market. You’ll see commercial for coloring books, find them on the grocery store check-out aisle and recommended on Amazon. It’s the new thing in relaxation. Where did it start? I have not idea, but I like it.

I never outgrew coloring. I still have my Precious Moments coloring book and box of crayons. The problem was that the coloring books available were for children. I didn’t watch Sesame Street as a kid, why would I want to color it as an adult? Not a problem anymore. Adult coloring books are everywhere. Of course a bunch of them are just mandalas which I find pointless. I want to color real pictures.

But this coloring fad is annoying too. Whenever I talk about coloring or make a coloring purchase people assume I’m following the fad. Nope. Not so. I’ve been doing this for a while.

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Quote of the Week 15: Inspirational Book Memes



Last week I posted some of my favorite book memes. I quickly realized that I have too many for one post. The memes for this week are more inspirational in nature. As they speak for themselves, I am posting them without comment.









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Highlights of My First 2 Weeks

My first two weeks in D.C. have been one new experience after another. A mix of the incredible, the frightening, the awe-inspiring, the blissful. Here are some of the highlights, in order of occurrence.

  • Eating Chick-fil-a: D.C. is not such a heathen place after all! Whenever Heritage hosts an event around lunch time, they always provide food. Amazing gourmet food as well as Chick-fil-a. The food Heritage serves is just another example of their excellence.
  • Visiting the National Archives and the National Gallery of Art: In my last post I described my reactions to the Archives. The art gallery was beautiful. I wish I had as much artistic talent as those painters have in their thumbs–God has truly blessed them. I wanted to jump into some of the landscapes like Lucy and Edmund do in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
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What I Learned

Today was my last day working at my church. I have immensely enjoyed the opportunity. And I learned a lot. Below are seven of my “lessons.”

1. Nothing is creepier than entering a building you think is deserted and hearing voices.

2. The ability to recognize the voices of others is a gift from God.

3. Pastor’s sermons are especially powerful when falling from 6.5 feet.

4. There is enmity between me and printers. No matter what their brand, size, color, or features. Particularly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

5. I love packing tape more than duct tape.

6. There are a lot of dumb drivers in the world. But there are also four nice ones who let me turn left.

7. Spending money not your own is intimidating. I’m not sure how Congress manages to do it so often.