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Quote of the Week #6

“The school said I had possession of a firearm. They aren’t going to ask me any questions. They are going to think it was a real gun, and I was trying to hurt someone.” Khalid Caraballo

This morning I read an article on Fox News about a 7th grader, Khalid Carabalo, who was suspended from school until the end of the year and might be expelled. What did the boy do? He was playing in his yard with friends. With airsoft guns. Near a bus stop.

I have problems with this story on so many levels.

First, the kid was in his own yard. The school does not have jurisdiction over his yard. It is totally inappropriate for a school to have authority over what someone does in their own home. When that becomes the norm in the U.S., I’m moving to the moon. If I were the kid’s family, I would sue.

Second, the school “charged” Khalid with using a firearm. Airsoft=firearm? Really? That’s not the term I¬†would use. (I wonder what they would think of my Nerf guns???) But if we are going to use the term firearm, that means Khalid has a 2nd Amendment right to his airsoft gun. If I were the kid’s family, I would sue.

Third problem is with Khalid’s mother’s response. She is justifiably angry about her son getting into trouble at school for what he was playing at home. But she misspoke.

“My son is my private property. He does not become the school’s property until he goes to the bus stop, gets on the bus, and goes to school.” Solangel Caraballo

Um, no ma’am, Your son is yours always. No matter where his is. The school at no time takes possession of your kid. The school is simply performing a transaction. You pay them (taxes) for their service.

May I suggest the family sue, get Khalid reinstated at school and his record cleared and then take him (and any siblings) out and homeschool.