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Period Drama Film Recommendations (Updated 9/2016)

Recently I have been searching for well-made period dramas to watch. While I have found a few recommendation lists, after researching the films, I found that the majority are not the type of movies that I would watch. So, being a girl with a blog, I decided to create my own list of clean period drama recommendations.

I do not claim to be an expert on the genre or to have seen every good film (if I had I wouldn’t be searching for more). And I leave the analysis of plots, characters, and filming devices to Jerome Weiselberry. This is simply a list of movies that I like.

Period drama is one of those murky things that I know when I see it, but is a struggle to define with words. Here are my qualifications for this list.

  • The events of the film must take place in a time period before the movie was made.
  • The film must include some sort of love story
  • It must be a clean film. PG-13 is my limit.
  • The film cannot be a musical, western, or primarily a war film. As much as I love The Sound of Music, you will not find it on this list.
  • For this list, the plot must be fictional. Which is another reason why The Sound of Music is not on this list. Perhaps someday I will write a list of my favorite historical period dramas.

Remember, this is a list of movies that I have seen and enjoy. If a period drama you particularly like isn’t on this list, I either haven’t seen it or didn’t care for it. For example, I am still waiting for a film version of Persuasion that can capture the essence of Anne’s character and the pining beauty of the story. Despite the fact that it is my favorite Austen novel, none of the adaptions are on this list.

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A Movie Moment that would be Awkward in Real Life

Have you ever watched a scene in a movie and wondered how the characters moved on? Maybe it’s a beautiful concluding love scene. Maybe it’s just there to give you a vital piece of information or character development. Maybe it puts the characters in an embarrassing situation and its only use is comic relief. But no matter the scene’s purpose, if you were in the character’s shoes, you don’t know what you would say or do to get out of it. But fortunately, the characters don’t have to take a next step because the director swoops in and transports them to the next scene.

Recently I watched the 1999 BBC adaption of Wives and Daughters and had such a moment. Sadly, Elizabeth Gaskell died before she wrote the last chapter of the book. Obviously the makers of the BBC series could not leave the story unfinished and had to improvise the ending.

Spoilers ahead.

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