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I’m Not Supposed To Be Here

It’s true. I wasn’t planning to be at home this fall. I was planning to be in Washington D.C. interning with the amazing Susan B. Anthony List. But it didn’t work out because of housing. Which, for the record, I think is the dumbest reason for not accepting a job offer. But between my budget, difficulty of finding short term housing and the inability of finding even one Christian roommate who doesn’t drink, living arrangements could not be made. The day I turned down the internship was one of the most depressing days of my entire life.

But, things are not as horrible as I expected.

I can even find reasons to be glad that I’m still here instead of D.C. The monuments and museums in D.C, are major perks for living in that city. Sightseeing is at the top of my to do list once I get there. However, this semester, it would be extremely boring since Obama has closed all the monuments and museums because of the government shutdown. And there has been two nationally covered shootings in the last month. The Navy Yard Shooting was on what would’ve been my first day at SBA.

Currently, I am working at my church until our regular secretary comes back from maternity leave. My former youth pastor is now my boss; didn’t see that coming six years ago. It’s a scary job–last week I spent almost $250 of the church’s money (on supplies). Although the scariest part is probably driving; I’ve encountered more than my share of bad drivers. It’s an interesting job too. I’ve learned so much about how the church operates. Sending out mass e-mails is no longer a demeritable offence (inside joke for my college buddies).

I had my plan. God has His.