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Danger at the Zoo

Saturday, I visited the National Zoo with friends. We wanted to see our tax dollars at work. In part of the zoo called Amazonia, visitors are in a room with non-cages animals (monkeys birds, fish) in a natural looking habitat–they even had a chocolate tree.

One would think that given the multitudes of children who pass through that room, only gentle jungle wildlife would be in that room. Not so! As I headed for the exit a giant pink bird nearly flew into me. It was a close call; I did everything but scream. Thankfully, I and the little children nearby are alive and unharmed. 🙂


Pink Killer
Pink Killer


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The Ballad of Cheerful Birds

The flash of lightning cat reveals,

His fearful body quakes.

Above him sing two little birds.

Now Thunder’s silence breaks.


And still they sing their cheerful song,

Aloud with mocking tones—

The cat he could not stand the sound.

The storm at window moans.

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