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Perks of Membership

On October 1–the same day the U.S. government shutdown–my complimentary membership in my university’s alumni association expired. Now I am debating on whether to rejoin.

I love my school! I wear a dozen t-shirts, keep my keys on a Bruin chain, and recommend my school to every high school student I can. My four years there were incredible and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I miss not being there.

Joining the alumni association is not expensive, just $20 a year. (Besides, I want to support my school.) Members receive the usual benefits: discounts at the campus bookstore, dining common and at various businesses as well as invitations to special activities and resources. I have already taken advantaged of the resources my school offers alumni. But quite frankly, those aren’t the reasons I’m considering rejoining. Maybe if I lived closer to the university.

No, there is an unexplainable joy that swells inside whenever I see my alumni association membership card. It just makes me happy. I feel pride in my school, naturally. I also like having proof that I graduated in my pocket.

Since having a membership card brings me pleasure, why haven’t I rejoined the association?

Because it isn’t necessary. With or without my name on the association’s roster, I belong. To a university. To a family. Belonging is what makes me happy.