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The Ballad of Cheerful Birds

The flash of lightning cat reveals,

His fearful body quakes.

Above him sing two little birds.

Now Thunder’s silence breaks.


And still they sing their cheerful song,

Aloud with mocking tones—

The cat he could not stand the sound.

The storm at window moans.

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Quote of the Week #7

Sometimes I feel tempted to create a new blog devoted to the messages I telepathically send to the other drivers on my daily commute. However, it would probably come back to haunt when I run for president.

But if I did have such a blog, here is what some of the posts would be.


“I don’t mind when you pass me. Frankly, I prefer to have you in front of me rather than behind. But please, please wait until after we have merged onto the highway–not while we’re merging.”


“If I’m going the speed limit and you’re way behind me and then ten seconds later you’re on my tail, how fast are you going?”

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A Scene from the Life of Minnie Talbuert

        “Really Minnie, how can you complain about handprints on the windows
at Arby’s when you live in this pigsty?” queries Annette McQuilkin,
clearly disgusted.

Clutter suffuses everywhere; no space is left unused. Paper of
flamboyant hues is stacked around the one room apartment like mini
towers of Pisa. A pile of black and white hangers sprawls out in the
corner. Bananas and oranges are scattered about on the stove,
television, and nightstand. An array of Barbies stand in a tight
Roman marching formation on the bookshelf—blondes in purple,
brunettes in pink, redheads in blue.

Minnie Talbuert tucks a strand of hair escaping from her chignon
back behind her ear. She is too preoccupied with sampling the basil
spaghetti sauce to offer a retort. Satisfied she drops the spoon back
into the pot.

“I would like to buy a bird,” she declares while dipping a large
helping of noodles.

“You say that every day; why don’t you do it?” Annette sharply
responds as she splatters sauce in frustration.

“Who would care for it while I am at conferences? I doubt they would
allow me to take it with me. I would have to clean its cage. I wonder
how birds smell; I really cannot stand animal smells. Finally, I
would get attached to it and then it would die.”

The phone rings, the business one with the shrill wail. Minnie
glides to answer, lifting the receiver in one smooth motion.

“Minnie Talbuert. . . .—Annette, please hand me the seventeenth
sheet from the top of the green stack.— Yes, that does seem like a
valuable proposal. . . . I say go with it. . . . If they have done
their research. . . . Do it. . . . All right, good-bye.”

“It took you three days to decide on that proposal. You’ve been
stressing over buying a bird for the last two months.” Annette sighs.

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Most Important Issue

It is not my intention to make this a political blog. I think there are enough people ranting already. However, I came across a question that I think is worth taking the time to publicly answer.

“What is the most important public policy issue.” The question comes from a job application. I had to sit and think about it for several days because I didn’t have an answer. Answering what public policy issue interests me the most is easy (foreign policy), but the application was requesting a judgment call.

Many issues vie for the position: Terrorism, Immigration, Second Amendment, Human Rights, Abortion. . . .


If I could only solve one of America’s problems, it would be abortion. How can the greatest nation on earth allow the massacre of children without even flinching?

Why do we fear terrorists? Because they have no regard for human life. Because they are willing to kill to get what they want. Here in America, this is where we are. We allow babies to be killed because they are unwanted.

Since the Zimmerman trial, the media has inundated us with questions about the race. We are very concerned that whites treat blacks right and vice versa. We want everyone to be treated equally, except for those who don’t have a birthdate yet.

Why do we spend millions of dollars saving endangered animals when we won’t save a human baby? Just a word about viability tests–they are the stupidest things I ever heard of. If you ripped a baby panda out of its mother’s womb too early it wouldn’t survive either. And PETA would be after you.

The immigration situation is a big problem too. I realize that some people are in desperate straits, but they can’t come to the U.S. without the proper documentation. Our focus should be making it easier for people to come legally rather than making it easier to stay illegally.  Sanctuary cities make me angry; please have some respect for the law. It’s hard though, when the government permits the murder of its most defenseless citizens.

I’m glad I live in democratic republic instead of a dictatorship. Many organizations and governments, including the U.S., attempt to pressure totalitarian governments to respect basic human rights. The most basic right being life, of course. Since the people and government of the U.S. do not respect the right to life, we don’t have a leg to stand on when dealing with other nations.

So what do I think needs to be done? We need to amend the Constitution to protect unborn children.