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Things I Miss About D.C.

This time last year I was preparing for my internship in Washington D.C. I miss that city. Here are some of the things I miss the most.

1. Seeing the Capitol Dome from my apartment window. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning with the statue of Freedom smiling down at you?

2. The historicalness of it all. There are literally monuments/memorials everywhere, not to mention the all the museums, and my favorite, the National Archives. Even the air you breath feels imbued with significance.

3. Singing hymns with 1000 people. This is also something I miss about college.

4. My internship. I loved the work I did. I loved the people I worked alongside. I loved the constant transmission of knowledge they provided. If they asked me to come back, I would.

5. Ease of access to political information. For some strange reason, I was much more politically informed during my internship than I am now. Not sure why. . . .

6. Snow. I demand compensation for the cold in the form of snow. D.C. is well compensated. Nothing looks better in snow than the Lincoln Memorial.  100_1291

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Quote of the Week #12

“Freedom isn’t free.”

It’s true of course. Without soldiers who are willing to die, no one would have freedom.

The phrase is said so often, it is almost cliché. But not after you visit Arlington National Cemetery. I can’t explain it; standing on the hill looking at Washington DC and the gravestones. It just hits you. There are so many men and women who have served this nation with everything that they had; and there will be more just like them!


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Quote of the Week #11: Heard Around Washington Take Two

When in DC you never know what the person on the metro, the vocal patron three tables down at the restaurant, or the other guy in your apartment building is going to say. It could be something like this.


We stuffed our faces with chocolate. Something tells me we could be great friends.

There was a FBI agent right next to me! I don’t suppose you happened to get his number?

I’m trying to figure out when I blacked out. It was after the crook the FBI agent was following hit you on the back of the head.

I make a Wal-Mart suit look good. Now that your ego is in good order, you can run for Congress.

I keep creating a Wikipedia page for myself, but it is always deleted. Does that mean you don’t actually exist?