Bucket List

Except for the first three (which are chronological), these are in no particular order. Will be updated as life goes on.

1. Fly an airplane. → The summer before my senior year of high school, I was privileged to attend an aviation camp at a nearby university. First time in an airplane and I was in the captain’s seat. Someday I would like to get my pilot’s license.

2. Live in Washington D.C. Spring 2014 I had the incredible opportunity to intern with the best think tank in D.C.

3. Attend grad school. → Still plugging away.

~ Jump in the fountain at my alma mater. → Since I never did it as a student; I doubt I’ll do it as an alumnus. But no student ever crosses the Bridge of Nations without thinking about diving in.

~ Have a children’s book published. → A book, not just magazine articles.

~ Meet a sitting president. → Preferably one who shares my values, but any president will do.

~ Visit Normandy.

~ Be knighted by the Queen of England. → Notice I said queen. Hey! If Bill Gates can be knighted, I don’t see why I can’t.

~ Microwave foil → I hear it could cause an explosion so I’m thinking a harvested wheat field would be the best place to hold the event.

~ Watch all of Audie Murphy’s movies → Currently, I’m at 36 of 44. I think I will have to move to Australia to complete this goal; their libraries have several movies I have yet to find in the U.S.


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