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It Felt like Fall so I Went Shopping

Two months ago I moved to a new climate. If you knew how short of a distance I moved, you would probably argue that point. But it’s true. It is waaay hotter here. Up until yesterday, it was still in the 90’s. It’s almost enough to make a person believe in global warming–but not quite. It’s October already; it’s time to carve pumpkins, drink apple cider, and wear long sleeves. Even thought Fall 2016 is only 11 days old, I feel like it is a month overdue.

Yesterday, was the first day of cooler weather. And I had to do something about it. First I had coffee with a friend (see my post First Day of Fall Checklist). Then I spent two hours at Hobby Lobby browsing their fall and Christmas décor sale. Hobby Lobby has become a dangerous place since I got a credit card. They have so many cute things that I don’t need but want to buy.

My purpose for this shopping trip was to find something to hang on my front door. The mission was successful.


Not only is it a hedgehog, which I love, but it’s also Southern! And it cost just $6. I am so pleased with my find, that I had to write a blog post to share it with y’all.  🙂