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I Live in Chick-fil-A Test Market Land

Berry Protein Blend @ChickfilA
Berry Protein Blend @ChickfilA

This, my friends, is a berry protein blend from Chick-fil-A. It is the latest potential addition to the breakfast menu. The official menu board description is:

Berries and yogurt mixed with ancient grains and Icedream®, topped with granola

It sounds disgusting. But that’s what I thought about the super food side (aka kale salad) and I actually enjoyed it. So I’ve learned to trust the product development team at Chick-fil-A.


Until today, I had never had any sort of protein drink. In that sense, my qualifications for writing this review are questionable. I also purchased a Naked double berry protein juice smoothie for comparison (because my sister said they are good).

What was it like?

If I had to describe the protein blend in two words they would be thick and chalky. Which is to be expected considering that you’re drinking grain. It reminded me of taking vitamins as a child, only without the yucky aftertaste. It made me thirsty, which is a weird sensation when you’re already drinking something. However, I did drink the entire 20oz fairly easily.  Whereas I could barely down my first sip of the Naked smoothie because of the graininess.

I did really like the granola that was on top. It is not the same granola as what comes on the parfait and the market salad. Actually, I think it would be better than the current granola on the parfait (but not on the salads). I also would like to try it in a vanilla milkshake.

What would I change?

I would increase the ratio of Icedream® to yogurt. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but after the berries, the sourness from the yogurt was the most prominent flavor. It was a long 20oz without compensation. I couldn’t taste the ice cream at all, which was disappointing because Icedream® is the best ever. I also think that increasing the amount of ice cream will help with the thickness of the blend.

I would also make the blend a single flavor (like strawberry, blueberry, orange etc.). I think that would make it taste less like taking medicine.

Of course, with my modifications, the protein blend wouldn’t pack the same nutritional punch..

Would I purchase the blend again?

First of all, I am not in the population segment that Chick-fil-A is aiming towards with the healthier additions to their menu.. I am not a health food junkie. I appreciate the options that are provided, but they are not necessary to keep me coming. When it comes to the berry protein blend, I would rather get my protein from chicken nuggets with a yogurt parfait side and a chocolate milkshake. Bottom line: the blend isn’t worth $4.65 to me. However, if the decision was between Chick-fil-A’s protein blend and Naked’s protein smoothie, I’d go with the CFA blend.