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Quote of the Week #14: Book Memes

KeepCalmReadI am not what marketing experts call an early adopter. All my life I’ve prided myself in being anti-fad. If something is popular, there is a good chance I’m not doing/don’t have it precisely because “everyone” else is/does.

However, there is one internet fad that I truly enjoy. Memes. Memes are a simple way of sharing human emotions and experiences. More than once I’ve come across a meme andĀ discovered I am not the only one who thinks and feels this way. And I bonded with the unknown masses. Memes also cause you to look at the mundane stuff of life in a new, humorous perspective.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite memes about reading and books.

Let’s start by acknowledging a fact well-known by readers.

Film v BookBookDepth










My sister: Come do something.

Me: After this chapter.



The reason for every time I got in trouble as a child.


Now that I’m an adult.



As a writer myself, I cannot quibble with anything another writer felt was necessary to his story. But as a reader, I have issues.



Book Hangover–it’s a thing.



All the feels.

ordinarylife booktrauma BookPain


The best part is, if they love the book as much as you did, they won’t think you’re weird.



If you’re truly lucky, you’ll find someone like this.



Just a warning.



And finally. . . .

Writing Picture Books



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