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Why I Voted for Ted Cruz

I hate campaigning. You may consider that a strange confession to make. But I have a degree in political science. Every election while I was in college all my friends wanted to know which campaign I was working on and I would mumble my excuses. Calling complete strangers and/or knocking on their doors is not my cup of tea. But I’ve done both for Ted Cruz.

The United States is threatened. Not just by radical Islamist terrorist which the current administration refuses to recognize. Not just by foreign states, like Iran and North Korea, who would love to see us wiped off the earth. Not just by a struggling economy. But also by liberals who want to destroy everything that made our country great. Who plan to nullify the sacrifices Americans, in the military and on the home front, have made for freedom. Who want to turn us into a country our Founding Fathers would not recognize. We need a president who can deal with these threats with equal commitment. Ted Cruz is the man who will be that president.

I have spoken with many voters who are fed up with the Washington political circus. To me, anti-establishment does not mean never-held-office; it means not corrupted by the system. Senator Ted Cruz has never been afraid to fight for the Constitution on the Senate floor. He has never been afraid to tell members of both parties that what they’re doing is wrong. Throughout his Senate term he has earned my respect.

What I expect from a Ted Cruz presidency is not perfection. Rush Limbaugh says he is the closest candidate we’ve had to Ronald Reagan. However, Cruz is just a man. He will make mistakes, but they will be honest mistakes.

Compromise? Every article of the Constitution is a compromise. Without it we wouldn’t have a country. (We owe a debt of gratitude to Roger Sherman and most Americans don’t even know who he is. I digress). The government runs on compromise. The difference with Cruz is he will never compromise on our core values. He will never compromise the Constitution. Ted Cruz has dedicated his life to defending the Constitution from liberal attacks. We will not be betrayed by Ted Cruz as we have by other “conservative” candidates.

2016 is a critical year for our country. We can choose a president who will continue to attack our rights as Americans and who will erode everything that made the United States the greatest country on earth. Or we can elect Ted Cruz. The battle for freedom is at the ballot box.