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First Day of Fall Checklist

Today is the joyous occasion of the autumnal equinox – aka the first day of fall! Autumn is my favorite season. I love the chilliness of the air. I love having my hair whipped around by the breeze (although I don’t like how it looks afterwards). I love curling up with a Agatha Christie novel and listening to the wind howl. I love how the leaves change colors. I love the crack that acorns make as I step on them. I love drinking fresh hot apple cider (but I usually skip the pumpkins). I love that fall is the beginning of dessert season.

Here are some ways I recommend celebrating the first day of fall.

PumpkinWatch Cinderella. I can’t think of any movie where the pumpkin takes a more predominant role than it does in Cinderella. No pumpkin, no coach. No coach, no ball. No ball, no prince. No prince, no happily-ever-after. It doesn’t matter which one you watch. The 1950 Disney animated version is always a good choice. If you like musicals, try Rogers and Hammerstein’s version. I grew up with the 1965 version and my favorite part was when the step-sisters sang. This week I finally watched the 2015 Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh with music by Patrick Doyle. What I appreciated most about this movie is how they solved some of the logic problems from the previous movies.

Prince Logic


Autumn RoadGo for a walk. Whether it be in the woods, or in a vegetable or flower garden, or just several laps around your house. Fill your lungs with fall. Have a chat with a chipmunk. Plant a few acorns. Try to save your summer tan for as long as possible.


Apple_bushelsGo apple picking. Then eat caramel apples. Or peanut butter apples. Or bake an apple pie, cobbler, or cake. Drink apple cider with lots of cinnamon. The point is apple.


girlsGrab a friend for a coffee/tea, or ice cream, or fancy luncheon date. Then go shopping for your new fall wardrobe.



The best thing is that if you wake up on September 24th, or any other day between now and (technically) December 22, and realize that you’ve missed the first day of fall, it’s not too late to celebrate.