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How Interning in D.C. Changed My Facebook

A lot of things changed during my internship in our nation’s capitol including my Facebook. We all know that Facebook is notorious for monitoring its users to provide the NSA–I mean–advertisers with better information. Now instead of just getting a “You-Won’t-Believe-This-Celebrity’s-Secret-That-She-Kept-For-Years” ads I also have “Save-the-Growler” ads. I did a fair amount of research on the EA-18 Growler during my internship. By the way, it is a pretty awesome airplane and I totally support buying more for the Navy. Obviously, Facebook found out.

Ads aren’t the only thing to change. My newsfeed is now full of political information from my new friends. It’s great! (Except, I’m thinking about blocking the libertarians–they’re getting on my nerves 😛 ) Through my friends I’m learning about a broad range of topics that I don’t normally keep up with. While I would never ever recommend Facebook as your main source of news, having friends who are passionate about government is a definite plus.