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Highlights of My First 2 Weeks

My first two weeks in D.C. have been one new experience after another. A mix of the incredible, the frightening, the awe-inspiring, the blissful. Here are some of the highlights, in order of occurrence.

    • Eating Chick-fil-a: D.C. is not such a heathen place after all! Whenever Heritage hosts an event around lunch time, they always provide food. Amazing gourmet food as well as Chick-fil-a. The food Heritage serves is just another example of their excellence.
    • Visiting the National Archives and the National Gallery of Art: In my last post I described my reactions to the Archives. The art gallery was beautiful. I wish I had as much artistic talent as those painters have in their thumbs–God has truly blessed them. I wanted to jump into some of the landscapes like Lucy and Edmund do in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
    • International call to Russia: I actually had to call twice. The first time, I think I got the answering machine–but it was in Russian, so I don’t know.
    • Being invited out for a drink: Ok, this one may sound odd coming from someone as against drinking as I am. Hear me out. I’ve been around non-drinking Christians my whole life. I’ve never been around anyone who drinks. One of my fears in coming out here is although I know what I believe, I’d never been tested, so how could I be confident that I am strong enough to resist? So being invited and saying no was a great encouragement.
    • Holocaust Museum: I can’t call it good. It was well-designed. It was thought-provoking. It was heartbreaking. I don’t see how anyone could deny the Holocaust happened.
    • Snow Storm: On a happier note, it snowed! My roommate and I enjoyed a nice long, cold walk to the Capitol Building. We had a delightful time in the snow. And there’s still snow on the ground.
    • First Solo Metro Ride: This is under the category of frightening. I did not feel prepared to go out on my own after only one ride. Hopefully, I did not look as scared as I felt. My fears were exacerbated by the fact that I wasn’t 100% sure how to get to where I was going: I forgot to print out walking instructions from the metro to my destination. But no problem, I have a map app. However, what was on my phone did not match what I remembered from the computer map. So I ditched the phone app and winged it. I knew I wanted the corner of F and 9th streets; as long as I went the right direction out of the metro, I’d be fine. Still, I was nervous. “Whistle a happy tune,” that’s what Mrs. Anna in The King and I recommends for calming fears. But I can’t whistle. Besides I would disturb everyone else silently sitting on the metro. So I hummed. Under my breath. The theme from JAG. Because Harm’s not afraid of anything. And because I watched the show the night before. I returned to my apartment without being kidnapped, robbed, or lost.
    • Visiting Fox: One of my three bosses is always on TV or radio. He took me with him to Fox News so I could watch him do an interview. Interesting place.
    • American History Museum: Yesterday, intending to visit the National Museum of Natural History, I somehow ended up at the American History Museum. They have a very nice shopping cart and collection of plastic lids on display. As well as Dorothy’s ruby slippers. And Kermit the Frog. And the hat that Lincoln wore to Ford’s Theater. And a collection of dinnerware and dresses from the First Ladies. And this guy. On the whole, the museum is very politically correct.


    Can’t wait to see what the next week has in store.

    “I think I’m ready for another adventure.”  ~ Bilbo Baggins