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What I Learned

Today was my last day working at my church. I have immensely enjoyed the opportunity. And I learned a lot. Below are seven of my “lessons.”

1. Nothing is creepier than entering a building you think is deserted and hearing voices.

2. The ability to recognize the voices of others is a gift from God.

3. Pastor’s sermons are especially powerful when falling from 6.5 feet.

4. There is enmity between me and printers. No matter what their brand, size, color, or features. Particularly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

5. I love packing tape more than duct tape.

6. There are a lot of dumb drivers in the world. But there are also four nice ones who let me turn left.

7. Spending money not your own is intimidating. I’m not sure how Congress manages to do it so often.