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Quote of the Week #7

Sometimes I feel tempted to create a new blog devoted to the messages I telepathically send to the other drivers on my daily commute. However, it would probably come back to haunt when I run for president.

But if I did have such a blog, here is what some of the posts would be.


“I don’t mind when you pass me. Frankly, I prefer to have you in front of me rather than behind. But please, please wait until after we have merged onto the highway–not while we’re merging.”


“If I’m going the speed limit and you’re way behind me and then ten seconds later you’re on my tail, how fast are you going?”


“Lady, get off your phone before you kill someone.”


“I am a better judge of my driving skills than you are. Therefore, if I think I should go ten miles under the speed limit in pouring rain, you just have to accept that. GET OFF MY TAIL!”


“The speed limit is 55 mph. There isn’t a speed minimum. I am in the right lane. If I want to go 52 mph, I can. GET OFF MY TAIL!”